Identity is many different things. It’s who you were, who you are, and who you want to be. Your identity is unique. Your identity is what makes you, you.

What about our identity? Can we all not speak as one voice? Why can’t we all be seen as one? United in our humanity. Your opinion matters, but so do others. Is it impossible for us all to agree? Many questions but not enough answers. Your voice is special, just like mine and everyone else’s. How can our identity evolve over time?

As you grow up, your identity is shaped by various factors of your life. There is one factor, however, which has a substantial effect on who you are, influence. Influence can be born from friends, family and anyone in society. Your identity stays with you forever. You can try to hide it, but it will always be there, lurking in the shadows, forcing you to confront it. Your identity can tell a person all about you. Friends may become friends because they have similar backgrounds, and similar identities. For instance, some people are born into disadvantaged families. Influence can have a positive effect in this situation and help you understand your circumstances and make you a better person rather than vengeful, In some ways reborn.

Influence plays a role in everyone’s life and can completely change a person’s journey. A notable example would be the companion of the prophet, Omar Ibn Khattab. Before becoming one his companions, he doubted the Prophet Muhammad’s (p.b.u.h) ideas and instead continued worshipping the idols. He later realised that idols had no control or power over anything. It was from that moment that he began to respect the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h). Even this is an example of influence. For so long, influence has had a strong effect on countless generations and can greatly change who you are.

Some people’s identities can be shaped by others, particularly through Social Media. Social media is a way to escape from reality and create yourself another identity. Some people get too invested in this fake identity and begin to question their own, why they are who they are. They just have to learn to embrace their identity and move on. Your identity is like a box that can be opened or closed or empty or full. Some people try to carry around multiple identities, but what if that box begins to get too heavy and collapses upon all the weight? Social media can give you useful information that could make you a better person, or misleading information that can destroy your identity. Which do you choose?

While your surroundings may have a large effect on your identity, it is you, and only you who can decide your destiny. A wise man once said, “Our actions shape our identity, and in turn, our identity shapes our actions”. You have a mind of your own. A mind that listens to you and has no other choice. A mind with potential. A mind that can shape yourself. You get to choose your identity. Your distinguishing values are formed by your society and environment, and you get to choose how your identity turns out. Form yours and then help others to form theirs.

Who am I? by Kareem Elsokkari

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