We need the ocean to survive if we want to survive too. But its not too late, we can still save the sea.

Studies report the oceans will contain at least 937 million tons of plastic and 895 million tons of fish by 2050. Those are studies from 2017, and we have not proved them wrong. If anything were doing worse. EWe have now started hunting the animals that give life to this earth and what makes the earth function.

In 1986 there was a law made that there was to be no hunting of whales. When that law was made, they had realised the importance or whales and dolphins. When rising to the surface to breathe, whales and dolphins fertilize tiny marine plugs called Phytoplankton. Which every year absorbs 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide than the amazon rainforest does, as well as createup to 85% of oxygen that we breathe in today. In Taiji, Japan people have been doing it under the radar for several years. Then Japan finally released the news that they would resume whaling and will be withdrawing themselves from the international wailing commission.  

We think pollution is all because of transportation but the majority of pollution is caused by  industry. Transportation is at 27% while factories are 52%. Meat poultry is one of the worst things were doing on this planet, not only do we need the animals to help us restore the planet but we are also creating so much pollution while slaughtering them.

Although this feels like it is out of our individual  control, we can still try to do little things.

Little ways we can help:

  • Do not litter
  • Try using more reusable items rather than one use items
  • Spread awareness to anyone on any socials, and you do not have to show gruesome pictures
  • Do not support companies that farm their fish and cage their animals

We all think as individuals, but we should all start thinking together. We all make the same mistakes creating a bigger issue. I would like for the future generations to live on a healthy planet and that doenst mean that there’s going to be no pollution but for now how about we start cutting down our unnecessary bad habits.

We can still save the sea by Emily Elabbasi.

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