The Name Of The Wind

The Name Of The Wind


In his debut book, The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss introduces Kvothe (pronounced ‘Quothe’), a legendary hero now on the run for committing a horrendous crime that has brought the Kingdom to its knees. Travelling under the alias ‘Kote’ and accompanied by his equally mysterious companion Bast, we find him as the barman of a lonely tavern left to ponder his own impending sense of existential nihilism. He is chanced upon by a legendary Chronicler who, upon finding out his true identity, requests that he inscribe his story over three days, with each day to correspond to instalments in the planned Kingkiller Chronicles trilogy.

The reader is therefore invited to a story about stories, written in a classical script that hearkens a fluid modality of elegant prose, tinctured with subtle poetic form. His style of storytelling seems, at first, blaringly archaic and somewhat anachronistic. However, this only adds to its fervour and zeal. Rather than focussing on the inner neuroses of an entire universe of characters, Rothfuss breathes life into a man trampled by his past, exalted by his ability and left resigned to his fate. A must read!