Bullying never has anything to do with the victim, it’s the bully who is insecure.

I believe it is most important to boost the victim so they can talk up to the bully, but bullies must know that pulling someone down will never allow them to rise up. Bullies, you can think of them as predators they attack the weakest prey, teaching a child or an individual to speak up is like teaching a weak gazelle to be stronger and not give up during an attack. So what is bullying? Bullying is the act of using force, hurting, teasing or threatening someone through abuse or through words.

Recent bully statistics admit how half of all bullying incidents are not reported, It is significant that people who get bullied are most likely to not trust. This way they keep on putting up with the bullying without anyone’s support. How would want to pursue a life with hate? Nobody should want such a tragic future generation. Many bullies have a major Issue of self-confidence therefore once they start bullying they feel as if they have gained power, the oppress to feel better about themselves. Children who are victims of bullying mainly suffer with physiologic problems. Due to bullying many lives of young teenagers have been lost. “It is estimated that around 160,000 children miss school every day as they have the fear of being attacked”.  School shouldn’t be a fear for students as they should look forward to their learning, enjoy their childhood and most importantly be happy children. It is said that “The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go”.

The role of parents during bullying is the most important factor. They are the biggest influences on their children, from their actions to their words. Most children from a young age copy their parents and have them as role models. In situations like this the children need the support, care and protection from their parents. Parents, teachers and all surroundings of the victim should be doing all they can do to stop it. They should be able to express how they are reliable and that they can trust their parents. The bullies parents also play a big role on the bullies actions, as all the hate and drama that occurs in households affects the child. Therefore, they start to hate people outside their homes. If the bullies parents created a better and happier environment, bullying will definitely not exist. To wrap it up bullying is mostly coming from the bully’s parents, as the child’s psychology is affected and then as they are stressed they take it out of the house.

We should raise awareness and encourage victims and bullies to have a chat with some help lines in order to destress. Therefore, we must boost the victim’s confidence so they can stand up for themselves. Another great factor we must consider is to always be participating if we see someone being bullied. We must not forget that… “If you want to be more powerful in life educate yourself”. So, if we start by educating parents there would be no such thing as bullying.

Sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt by Rojin kaya

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