How often do you see an Aboriginal doctor? Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were not only stolen from their parents, but also from their education.

The stolen generations has had a major impact on the Australian history. The stolen generation is a generation of aboriginal children that were taken from their parents and put with white families. The aim of the stolen generation was to make these children as “ white “ as possible. The children who were taken were taught that white culture is the correct culture and that their beliefs and values were incorrect. This not only had a major impact on the past but also on the present and future.

The children and the families that were effected during the time of the stolen generation are still being affected today.  The line of descendants are affected mentally knowing the atrocities their ancestors faced. Their lineages will also have a disconnection to their culture, because their parents and grandparents were taught their culture was almost criminal. Many of the parents never recovered from the reality of their children being put with strangers and being repeatedly abused. The stolen generation also passed on their grief to their children and generations onwards.

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have lost their identity due to the stolen generation. Being separated from their parents at a young age, they have no idea who they are, what their beliefs are or who their parents are. They are left in a puzzle between what is right and wrong and what they believe in. At a young age they were forced to be someone they weren’t and adopt a new identity. Majority of the children were told that their parents had abandoned them or that they died. Hearing this as a young child, affected them in countless ways.

How often do you see an Aboriginal doctor? Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were not only stolen from their parents, but also from their education. They were used as slaves and forced into hard labour no matter how young or old they were, because of this they were treated low-class, and not in need of high levels of education. The only education provided to them was that their culture was flawed, that they mean nothing and to be more“ white “. Negativity was constantly embedded into them.

Actions of the past have caused a ripple effect that continues into today’s time and will continue through the line of Aboriginals. They deserve a genuine apology from the Australian citizens because no amount of money could wipe away the trauma the First Nation Australian’s and their descendants have been through. We need to make sure to give them a better future and to put an end to the trauma as best we can, making little to no children are effected in the future. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders deserve better education opportunities and should be provided special classes where they can learn about their culture. We need to spread awareness about the past. More people need to know about the stories of Aboriginal children part of the Stolen generation, such as Ruth. Ruth was a 4-year-old girl, who was separated from her mother in Queensland.

We also must prioritize giving them strong, complex roles in movies and media. In many movies, films, clips etc. Aboriginals are portrayed in a negative manner, with dim personalities and bad character traits. This puts a bad name on them and their culture.

More actions should be taken to comfort the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders due to their loss of identity, their rights being taken off them, the constant abused they faced, and the line of trauma they are still going through hundreds of years later.

Raised to be white by Mercan Caliskan

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