Friday, January 28, 2022
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Break the Cycle by Natalie Libdy

Girl one: oh my gosh, did you see what that hijabi girl is wearing? Girl two: I can’t believe it, how could she step out...

Adab of the teacher and student ‘Tazhkirat-us-Sami‘i

The etiquette of the student and their lesson Point 1 The student of knowledge shall begin (their pursuit of knowledge) with the noble Qur’an and attain...

Feminism: The role of men in my pursuit for women’s equality.

It was the day of Eid Al- Adha. This of course, depends on what moon you prefer – sadly, but true to form; this...

What Separates the Men from the Boys?

What separates the men from the boys: The 3 things keeping the modern man in diapers In keeping with the spirit of this article’s title,...