Let The Coffee Journey Begin

Let The Coffee Journey Begin


By Rarbie Taha

The growing food culture in Sydney has taken huge strides in recent times. Now, it looks like it will make its mark on the international coffee scene.

With more than half of Australians over the age of 18 consuming the magic beans, this brunch blog marks the first of a series of blogs as I hunt down Sydney’s best cafes.

Mrs P's amazing coffee...
Mrs P’s amazing coffee…

Mrs P’s delivers the goods


I stumbled upon this place after hearing positive reviews from friends. It is a quaint little café situated along Burwood’s George Street.

Mrs P's funky interior
Mrs P’s funky interior

Aside from it’s beautiful décor and alluring vibe, I would say it has the best espresso in Burwood; it literally smells as amazing as it tastes.

On any given weekend, it’s buzzing with activity. Their breakfast menu is a hit, with the big breakfast dish priced at $10.50 – this is very popular on weekends.

All their food is organic and free range, as the coffee is from Five Senses—a company that sources seasonal coffee from around the world.

Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg Bagel: Generous portion size with an overload of sauce. The eggs were cooked to perfection and tasted divine.

Coffee beans
Five senses coffee (Single origin or Dark Horse Blend).

Dark horse blend displays a lot of character; it’s rich in intense flavours and has a smooth, creamy body. It’s an exceptional stand-alone coffee.

Mrs Ps1
Mrs P’s award winning brew

Along with their friendly service, they made me feel welcome upon arrival.

Mrs P’s – Specialty Coffee Burwood
34 George St Burwood
02 9744 0965

Rarbie Taha is an Exercise Physiologist and health enthusiast with a passion for good food and coffee.

Check out his @Sydneybrunchcrawler brunch blog on Instagram for his hunt for Sydney’s best cafes.