Social Media has helped shape our modern-day society. It provides a platform for our Interests and identity, a connection to society. it is what makes most of us, us.

80% of Australians use social media sources on a daily basis. These uses can include creating your own videos and photos to show the internet what you have “achieved”. Not only posting your own content but also viewing another people’s/influencer’s content to help make your own.  You don’t even have to post content to be a user of social media, you can just watch if that is your preference. Despite all of these benefits, social media can have its flaws.

One of Social Media’s biggest flaw is privacy and security. There is a high chance that you will expose yourself to dangerous people on social media such as people who can track you, child predators and other kinds of hostile and evil people. Privacy and security are hard to keep in areas such as social media since you cannot hide content from people and It is easy for trackers to hide their identity which makes you an easy target. And you will never know who you are talking to. Although children over 12 understand the dangers of showing yourself on  social media. So, for those under 12 it is necessary that you will be careful when browsing social media or not use it in the first place.

Another flaw is the content itself, many Social Media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube have bad influencers. People who post content that is not only useless and a waste of time but can be negative as well. Things such as pranks and other viral videos which are useless and influences other people to do these silly things instead of the other influencers which are trying to teach you something productive such as art, animation and design channels. Sadly, the bad videos are getting more attention than the useful videos.

What is good about Social Media is the connection with you, your friends and the rest of the world, being able to talk to your friends, making posts and videos and seeing what others made and watching productive things learning new things is what builds up what social media is. The only way of achieving this is by being careful of what you watch on social media and to try to have security and not post where you are at all times or at least try to keep the balance.

To conclude, Social Media is our Interests and identity, a connection to society. Although, Social Media can have its flaws such as lacking privacy, security and bad content. What is good about Social Media is being able to talk to your friends, making posts and videos and seeing what others made. Moreover, it is very entertaining and useful if used correctly. If not, it is a non-private and security lacking platform that doesn’t have useful content instead negative. So which will you choose The good side of Social media or the bad side?

Is Social Media ruining our Society? by Moaz Elseyoufi.

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