What is the story behind this painting?

The Palestinian people are struggling but always connected to their land. The many calamities they faced will not dissuade them from the struggle for the liberation of their land. At the same time, despite the destruction of homes, the Palestinian people will not be deterred to rebuild what was destroyed. I want to also be sure that those Palestinians insist on getting out of the rubble, so the idea of this painting was motivated by this thought.

When you painted this image and wrote the poem what were you biggest points of inspiration?

Most people who were watching the news witnessing the destruction felt very helpless, sad and frustrated. But I have the belief that God will help them. They are an oppressed people and deserve a decent life. I am not even a poet but the words just came out of me.

Poem about this piece by the artist

From the destruction and hatred you sow
From every inch of our land
That hosted a martyr
We shall return…
Despite of your killing and brutality
and the collaboration of traitors
who sold out
helping to realize your schemes
in our Palestine.
We shall return to our land
to the land of our ancestors!

About the artist, Imad Abu Shyayyah

I was born in Jordan in 1965. My family was forced to emigrate from Palestine in 1948 from their village Alqebab near Alramlah to the Jerash refugee Camp in Jordan.

I hold two diplomas: one in computer programming and one in aeronautical engineering. I was not formally trained in the arts, but consider myself self taught and took painting on as a hobby since I was just ten years old. I am now working in the computer graphics field in an international company focusing on animation, motion graphics and video editing

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