Deceptive Symbiosis

The crowd gleams with the flash of cameras

Documenting the velvet creature

Filled with pride, the peacock slowly turns as its masters had taught it to

Ensuring that everyone gets a good view

It’s only when the wind blows harder, when time ticks louder,

That it grows conscious of its tense muscles

Still, it struts, shifting its limbs to reflect the glory of the sun off its interchanging feathers

The crowd oohs, and aahs

Numbers increasing, some recording

Others, attempting to touch the ethereal being despite the clear distance

The peacock glows, knowing its hard work has paid off

Its vanity quenched by the eyes of the free species

But soon, the peacock grows of weary of defying the wind

Of defying the limits of its muscles

Its resistance falters and its eye like feathers lose their poise

The peacock now looks as tired as the nocturnal wallabies who smile for the daytime guests

Without strength, the peacock lowers it crown

And within seconds the crowd loses their smile

Phones go down

Children get bored

Adults begin pushing for the exit

The peacock does not lose its smile

But its eyes go round

And a shard of its heart leaves with the attention

The idol becomes pitiful as it looks up at the people who go by

It tries to catch their attention by walking alongside them

But its efforts go in vain

All it can do… is wait






From the edge of the barrier, an old man lingers

He has no lens nor loud excitement

All he yields is his fascination in the peacock’s quiet beauty

Its regality and strength

Its presence and ability

He remembers when he too was the peacock

Afraid of nothing except isolation

Written by: Fariha Mahjabine (Auburn Girls High School)

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