Are you an animal lover? If yes have you ever thought of your favorite animal species being hunted and killed for the needs of us humans?

Yes I am talking about the endangered animals in the vast forests and lands, like the dodo and the saber-toothed tiger, they’re at the verge of elimination. Some people call it the evolution of the time, blaming it on the reason for climate change, a problem that eliminated the dinosaurs and the ice age, but it all points back to us. Endangered animals may seem like a few animals killed once in a year for basic needs, but this is not the case.

It is mostly done illegally for jewellery and silk; the tusk of the elephant is famous for its produced jewellery whilst the skin of the tiger for its warm coats. Can you think of a big cuddly animal which eats bamboos and boosts your aww-factor. I’m talking about the adorable pandas or now known as the endangered bears, they are fading away with a mere 2500 left in central china because they are kicked out of their homes by us humans to make way for our ‘necessities’ like supermarkets or gyms.  

Why am I making a big fuss about this? Not just because I love animals but also because it can cause a disturbance in the eco-system. The eco-system is the life cycle of animals and plants, and it requires everyone to do their job. The herbivores and carnivores are the consumers whilst the plants are the producers if a herbivore doesn’t do its job then a carnivore can’t do their own. Causing a shift in the eco-system isn’t the only thing, animals contribute a lot to the environment and they also built the beautiful habitats we travel the world to see, so if animals go extinct because of temporary needs this will not only cause damage to our environment but also to ourselves.

Yes, humans do use the lands and habitats of our beloved animals to create space for the growing population, because every new family needs food, tools, medicine, clothing and water to live comfortably but our excuses cant hide the fact the way we misuse it and think of it as an infinite source that does not need contribution. As much as it contributes to us we need to reciprocate because if we don’t, these comforts will soon run out and our planet will die.

We are the balance of the ecosystem and we need to take that responsibility and start by recycling our plastic bottles, growing trees and expanding nature in small forms and creating compost for our gardens out of the food we waste. We need to preserve the nature around us to live healthy, we need to give that small piece for a bigger one in return to keep the balance of our life. Maybe these small acts can make an animal smile. Make an animal live.

“A good deed done to an animal is like a good deed done to a human being, while an act of cruelty to an animal is as bad as cruelty to a human being.”

Verily if you save the life of even a single animal you will be saving the lives of a line of generations. Stop and report if you see or find somebody attempting cruelty to an animal and help the few organizations who are helping this cause to further it, For the better of the future. For the better of our world and its continuity.

Cherish, or leave it to perish by Umara Hamdani.

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