There should be no reason to bully. Bullying not only hurts the victim, but those around them and the bully themselves.

Bullying is a way of cruelty and mistreatment of someone targeted by someone because of either race, belief, religion or even body figure. Bullying is a social problem that can affect anyone, those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness the action. Bullying is a continuous or repeated intention to cause deliberate psychological, physical and mental harm.

Bullying behaviours can be verbal, physical or social. Someone might bully others because they might feel jealous or want others to like them or would want to feel better about themselves and would try to degrade the person, they find competition by bullying them. People who often bully others are aware of the person they are bullying’s potential even if they aren’t. Bullying someone can not heal someone by wounding others. I believe bullying could also be used as force to get work done. People could be using someone else to get something done and that person may not be confident enough to stand up for themselves or to even seek help. Sometimes bullies themselves don’t know what they are doing, and they would take it all out on someone they think’s life is perfect, and they have no problems. The issue also involves people’s false perceptions and how you can’t judge a book from its cover.

Bullying could ruin the life of the victim especially if they are a sensitive person. They could end up feeling very lonely and feeling like they will have to fight the world all by themselves and that seeking help could portray them as weak. There can be various types of bullying, like Physical bullying. Physical bullying happens when the bullies try to physically hurt or torture someone, or even touch someone without their authority. Verbal bullying is when a person abuses another through speech, whereas psychological bullying is intentional mental abuse. Cyber bullying is when bullies make use of social media to insult or hurt someone. They may make bad comments and hurtful comments in public. Bullies may also post personal information, pictures or videos on social media to degrade one’s public image. This can all be so hurtful.

Bullying can happen at any stage. It can happen in school, at work or even at home. Sometimes we unknowingly hurt someone’s feelings by commenting discouraging remarks, thinking that they wouldn’t mind. If the person who is bullying other people is successful in doing so, then he or she will get confident and continue bullying others. In that case, a bully should be informed immediately, the bully should be advised of their wrong and take steps towards improving themselves.

Bullying can have a very detrimental and serious ending. People under bad influence may turn out to be very violent. Your surroundings like family, friends and what you even do in your free time could also impact on how far you can go in hurting someone physically or even mentally. Children are told about bullying from a young age and taught about it. Many people don’t take bullying seriously and when something serious happens they aren’t prepared and are regretful. Just talking to someone could change everything.

Bullying is never right. There should be no reason to bully. Sometimes bullies don’t realise what they are doing and then later on regret their actions. This is a sign of hope. In the end we know bullying is a serious matter which should be taken care of immediately through the right means and with careful steps to improve your actions.

The Impacts of Bullying by Zahrah Hamid.

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