Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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The normalisation and acceptance of misogyny

Misogyny is the prejudice against and animosity towards women and girls. Misogyny pushes the ideology that women are, and must always be the inferior...

Islamophobia in France

Islamophobia is the extreme fear of and hostility toward Islam and Muslims and is an extreme example of bullying and racism. It often leads...

The perfect body…What is it to you?

Every day I look in the mirror wondering if my body looks good enough. Should I start a diet? Should I go to the...

Who am I?

Identity is many different things. It's who you were, who you are, and who you want to be. Your identity is unique. Your identity...

Refugee Mental Health

Australia is recognised as a multicultural country; a home for people of different ethnicities from around the globe.  For nearly two centuries, the majority of...

Responding on the back-foot

Every time a crisis unfolds relating to Muslims globally, it sends ripples through the Sydney Muslim community. With this, we enter a state I...

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Instagram Post: Given that you’re on Instagram right now, I’m sure you’ve seen an update that made you feel jealous or made your life pale...

Education – The outcome depends on you

For those who do not know me or have never met me, I am a qualified Primary and Secondary teacher. During my 8 years...

Let’s teach what’s right, not what’s white

John, Cameron, Daisy and Susan are all names that children would be familiar with when listening to or reading stories at school. Kevin and...

Break the Cycle by Natalie Libdy

Girl one: oh my gosh, did you see what that hijabi girl is wearing? Girl two: I can’t believe it, how could she step out...