Ye we all got problems and its uneasy to solve them
Every day we seek solutions hoping for happy resolutions

But in the midst of our confusion a brother comes up to me cryin…

Yo G its time
I finna hang up my coat…

Then commence the blocking of the throat
The need to put his heart to rest
His tolerance can’t keep up with his mess
Now all that’s left is the state of being depressed
Emotions and feelings that can no longer be suppressed or compressed
Tis time to climax the stress
He feels its best

No! I object
Life ain’t no love fest
So please don’t digress
What’s to happen to our heart when our lives are apart
And the thing we all hold dear is not so near
How can we handle the fear that is almost here
Listen to reason
We are all in this together and it may not last forever
At least there will be memories from which we will all treasure…

Another Sydney Story (Problems) – by Ghorsan Emir Rudzikyani (Punchbowl Boys High School)

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