All animals, big or small, wild, or domestic, deserve compassion. Those snakeskin bags that we use to show off our wealth were once a real snake living through the circle of life.

We state that we are animal-lovers, that we do not support animal cruelty… but our consumption habits still lead to animals being abused, tortured, tormented, and tested on with or without our consent and knowledge.  It has been engraved in our minds that exotic animals went extinct due to environmental issues and changes, but could it be possible that it was because they were also hunted for the enjoyment of others… Do you suppose that it is right?

A popular form of animal cruelty has been animal testing, which has been most popularly subjected on hamsters, mice, rabbits especially, etc. Animal testing, also known as animal experimentation, animal research an, is the use of non-human animals in experiments that seek to control the variables that affect the behavior or biological system under study. Many of these animals are being used to test out new bathroom products such as deodorant, eyeliner, lipstick, etc. At some point is became evident that these animals, their own families and more, were being harmed, with burns extending past the third-degree creating open wounds, and even as they get to that harmful level, they continue, with no limit these scientists will eventually make sure that every experimental animal goes extinct, as to allow at least one human to have the illusion that these products are environmentally safe or such meaningless indicating lies. Universities, many medical schools, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are widely involved in such actions, all because animals, living breathing creatures, offer experimental models that would be impossible to replicate with human subjects.

To be forced and taken out of your home, abused and tormented, can never seem like a comforting idea to anyone, so why put innocent animal lives on the line. Whether as to hunt them for the enjoyment and delight of others, which eventually could have and probably has caused the extinction of multiple species. It is evident that up to one million plant and animal species face extinction due to human activities. Many animals that went extinction also include: Dodo – Raphus cucllatus, Steller’s Sea Cow – Hydrodamalis gigas, Passenger Pigeon – Ectopistes migratorius, Woolly Mammoth – Mammuthus primigenius, and many more. Extensive hunting played an active role in the extinctions of these vital animals within our ecosystems. These animals get forcefully taken to a slaughterhouse. A slaughter house. They get tortured to fill in our human needs and wants. ‘our human needs and wants’ have come to be completely and utterly unnecessary in a light, since what they are doing to such animals is unnatural and unacceptable.

It has become noticeable that this uprising problem is not new, poaching (which is the hunting of animals) has been around long since the medieval times. Poaching was viewed as the illicit shooting, catching or game on private property without the proprietor’s authorization, (taking, chase unlawfully) the chasing on the illustrious ground without consent. Poaching was a typical offense in bygone eras, it was a demonstration that practically all of society was occupied with and had generally endured using it. A wide range of poachers occupied with this criminal behavior, and at times poachers would cooperate in rings to achieve their objectives, they would poach off imperial woods and offer it to everyday people for individual benefit. The rulers and priests would even utilize the poachers to supply them and would either save the game with the end goal of their own human utilization or sell it also in the basic commercial center with the end goal of additional benefit.

There have been many and multiple campaigns based around the idea that animal cruelty and animal rights should not be forgotten and overseen, campaigns and organisations such as: RSPCA, PETA, and even within those organisations, a lot more campaigns lie waiting for someone to take a chance and take a stand.

Save Ralph – A short film with Taika Waititi

Animal caretakers, friend or foe? by Rokaya Sabra

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