You don’t represent me!

You don’t represent me!


Recently, everything has been getting out of hand. Almost every recent single terrorist attack, from all over the world, have had some connection to a Muslim.

The identity of Muslims changed as a whole  because  of  these  incidents. This has been noticed because different Muslim schools, Muslim organisations.

One day my friends and I were returning from a school trip and we came across a group of people that called us ‘terrorists’ and ‘evil’. At the time we were all wearing hijab, and after this incident I noticed that when I would go out in public with a scarf, I would try and offer a smile. More often than not it would be returned, but that hardly happens now.

These days, every Muslim is judged based on the actions of a few. Most Muslims like me are good and want what’s best for everyone, but when one terrorist that uses ‘La Ilahaillala’ (there is no god but Allah, a Muslim testament of faith) before committing a crime one is recognised as a Muslim, we are all held accountable and blamed for it.

I am a Muslim and as any other Muslim or human I don’t wish to harm anyone. We wish to protect and keep everyone safe but when our religion has been humiliated, we suffer the consequences. Our religion doesn’t support them in any way and we hope that people don’t place a stereotype of terrorists on Muslims, because we are so much better than that.

In the Holy Quran it states that “Allah does not love the public utterance of hurtful speech unless (it be) by one to whom injustice was done and Allah is the hearing, knowing” (04:148). It states here that Allah forbids Muslims from uttering bad words to anyone, let alone hurt someone.

Allah also says in the Quran: “Do good to others, surely Allah loves those who do good to others” (2:195). It is also said in the Quran that: “Show forgiveness, enjoin what is good and turn away from the foolish” as well as “When two persons indulge in abusing each other, the beginner will be the sinner, so long, as the oppressed does not transgress the limits.”

Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was once seen by a group of followers and they narrate the following: “One time he was passing by a funeral, he went and stood up for it, showing his respects for the deceased person. People said to him, it was a funeral of a non-believer and the Prophet replied: was it not human life?”

This is the Islam I know and love, and will continue to promote.

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