The Palestinian Plight

The Palestinian Plight


How would you feel if you were kicked out of your house, on the spot by force? How would you feel if all you heard and saw were bombs being dropped onto your home, city or town? How would you feel if you were sick with no hospitals or hungry with no food? How would you feel if you were cold with no warm clothes or shelter?

Palestinians have had to go through this for over 68 years. What’s bad is the fact that the media is covering up for Israel as they slowly take more and more lives and land every year. Very few personal stories are being spoken about or heard, which is why we must help Palestinians.

Palestinians have gone through hardship since 1918, when Palestine was first under British mandate. Thirty years later, Britain gave the land to Israel, claiming that it was now theirs. Israel then occupied the land from 1948 onwards.

Palestinians were killed, wounded and imprisoned just for refusing to leave their homes. The Israeli army bombed so many buildings, that the devastation left behind looked liked an atomic bomb had been dropped.

These days, the violence continues without reprieve. Tanks drive through the street capturing and killing Palestinians. There is a famous photo of an unnamed boy who was trying to save his six-year-old sister while being shot by a sniper. The boy would pretend he was shot and fall down, only to trick the sniper and stand back up and keep running. How could anyone point a gun at an innocent young boy? Young and old boys would risk themselves and walk in front of Israel’s tanks, cars and soldiers, and throw rocks at them in protestation, and continue to face violence.

One of the most holy sites in Islam, Masjid Al- Aqsa, was recently broken into and taken over by the Israeli police. Snipers were placed on the roof of the mosque and used rubber bullets to prevent entry. Palestinians used rocks and fireworks to defend the mosque as much as they could before the police were able to close the doors and trap Palestinians inside. The Israeli police force then threw tear gas and stun grenades into the mosque, stopping the Palestinians trapped inside. Israel explained the violence by outrageously claiming that the mosque is theirs, without a thought to its importance to Palestinians and Muslims.

Thankfully for Palestinian refugees, there are organisations all over the world helping them. Organisations such as Human Appeal, Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid, based here in Australia, continue to work towards helping these people. These organisations send food, water, clothes and provide shelter to many impoverished people across the Middle East, even allowing people to sponsor orphans.

For many years, Palestinians have faced harsh circumstances. They’ve been kicked out of their homes, lost family members and friends and lived in refugee camps with little to no food.

Israel has occupied and oppressed Palestine for generations. Unfortunately, mainstream media does full report on the brutality and cruelty of the Israeli occupation. As such it is our responsibility to stand up against such violence and demand justice for the Palestinian people.


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