Islam: Religion of Life

Islam: Religion of Life


Reviewed By Zac Rea

 Abdul Wadod Shalabi is evidently a man of piercing intellect, erudition and articulation as reflected in this fine work titled Islam: Religion of Life.

This brief introduction to the religion covers its salient features. The book commences with a prolegomenon on the lamentable perception of Islam within the Western mindset. Shalabi rhetorically asks, “Why Islam?” if the faith verifies previous truths, as it claims.

Chapter one of the book explores the reality of the Shahādatayn.
Chapter two features an examination of the Qur’ān, with some carefully selected passages, before surveying the Prophet (pbuh) and events from his noble life.

The third and final chapter consists of a presentation of the remaining pillars of faith, later to conclude with an epilogue describing the importance of religion; both its outward and inward aspects.

I am yet to find another text that is as exceptional as it is succinct. A sincere recommendation to anyone who wishes to introduce Islam to an educated readership.

All thanks must go to the anonymous individual that lent this book to me. May Allāh swt continue to bless and favour both her and her family.

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